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By Annyesha Satapathy

Neuroscientist and science blogger, who recently discovered the magic of automation to organize her professional life.

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What can PushPDF do for me?

With PushPDF  and an API integrator, you can set up an easy routine like this:

  • Connect PushPDF to Zapier

  • Forward each email to a designated email address (available on Zapier, for example)

  • Convert the email body to PDF using PushPDF

  • If needed, add a header to the new PDF page with a datestamp

  • Append the email body PDF to the Dropbox file

  • Save the new Dropbox file and set to overwrite the existing file

To deal with both email body PDFs and PDF attachments:

  1. Connect PushPDF to Zapier

  2. Add a filter to your automation routine to continue only if an attachment exists

  3. Append the PDF attachment to the Dropbox file

  4. Save the new Dropbox file and set to overwrite the existing file

Conect PushPDF to Zapier

  1. Sign up for a free trial or annual membership.

  2. Log in to your PushPDF account and click on the “New Integration” button.

  3. This will open Zapier in a new tab. Click on “Set up this step”

  4. PushPDF will automatically be populated here. Click on “PushPDF” under “Set up this step” in the Action Step. Then click on “PushPDF” under “Choose an Action App”.

  5. Confirm that PushPDF is available in the “Choose an Action App” list of apps.

    If not,

    or email us at – we can help you get set up.

    If not,

    or email us at

    or email us at

    or email us at

    or email us at

    or email us at

  6. Select an action from the list (e.g. Append Files)

  7. In the “Choose Account” Action Step, click on the “Connect an Account” button.

  8. This will open a pop-up window. Copy your API key from your PushPDF user account page here

  9. Now you are ready to start creating new zaps from PushPDF and the 1300+ apps available in Zapier!

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This is just one example of thousands of possibilities with PushPDF. Try it out to delete, move, rotate and add new pages to any PDF file with just a few clicks. With 1300+ apps available through Zapier, the possibilities are endless.