About us and PushPDF

Who we are at PushPDF

We are a diverse group of software developers, web designers, and biotech researchers with a common problem - we were drowning in tedious tasks that left no time for the important and creative parts of our work. We decided to take control of this – we wanted our tasks to work for us, not the other way around. We started with document management – contracts, proposals, and reports – a major headache in service industries. There are great platforms to automate document creation and editing – some we use are Webmerge and Pandadocs. Combine these with an API integrator (see below) and suddenly full-scale automation is at your fingertips! While this integrated world has grown fast, there are still many gaps. We understand well the pain of doing manual tasks in the middle of an otherwise awesome automation flow! We built PushPDF to address these gaps – a low-cost service to modify PDF files right in the middle of your API workflow.

What is an API Integrator? And why do I need one?

To run your business (or even your life) in today’s world, you have to adapt quickly and you need the best tools immediately at your disposal. API integrators (such as Zapier) take your favorite apps (like Gmail, Dropbox, and MailChimp) and glue them together. But is this really necessary? We believe so, but also check out Jitterbit’s take on this. We encourage you to simply try it – our experience (as well as countless others) is that it’s immediately compelling – you can easily automate very complicated tasks without writing a single line of code. These workflows run in the background, saving you loads of time and effort. One of our teams (6 members) recently estimated they save more than 3,000 hours per month of manual actions – in practical terms, this means their productivity is 3x for each team member. PushPDF currently runs on Zapier - if you are new to API integrators, then learn more about Zapier here.

What can PushPDF do for me?

API integrators are modern goldmines. Take your favorite apps and link each one in a series to make a hands-free workflow! But what happens when you need a simple manipulation right in the middle of your task?  For example, let’s say you want to collect invoices and receipts you receive by email. Some of these come as PDF attachments, others in the email body itself. Your accounting department requested a single document each month for all of these receipts. How long will it take to send each email to “print as PDF”, download attachments, save each file, and combine these in Acrobat? While the time itself might not feel like a big number, this maintenance task is breaking up your work routine – so the total “lost time” can be quite significant.

With PushPDF  and an API integrator, you can set up an easy routine like this:

  • Connect PushPDF to Zapier

  • Forward each email to a designated email address (available on Zapier, for example)

  • Convert the email body to PDF using PushPDF

  • If needed, add a header to the new PDF page with a datestamp

  • Append the email body PDF to the Dropbox file

  • Save the new Dropbox file and set to overwrite the existing file