Check out what you can do with PushPDF

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Append files

Merge multiple PDFs into one document


Add and Remove pages

Remove pages from a PDF file


Add headers

Add a text or link as header to one or more pages of a document


Rotate pages

Rotate pages within a PDF file by any selected angle


Move pages

Move a page within a PDF file


Convert HTML to PDF

Convert an email or webpages to PDF

With PushPDF  and an API integrator, you can set up an easy routine like this:

  • Connect PushPDF to Zapier

  • Forward each email to a designated email address (available on Zapier, for example)

  • Convert the email body to PDF using PushPDF

  • If needed, add a header to the new PDF page with a datestamp

  • Append the email body PDF to the Dropbox file

  • Save the new Dropbox file and set to overwrite the existing file